Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Directions questionnaire Sample | Questionnaire Directions

Directions questionnaire is a document which is used in allegation of court cases where 2 parties need to complete the direction questionnaire to give detailed information about the assertion and approximate amount in dispute. This questionnaire could be an n180 or n181 form for small claims.

This court forms is required by the court for case management. The court requires the parties to be settled before the hearing. When the court issues a deadline, the directions questionnaire must be submitted, there are 2 types of questionnaire one is fast track and other is multi track. Go through the sample directions questionnaire.

Directions questionnaire Sample:

I confirm that I have clarified to my client the need to try to settle; the options available; and the possibility of costs sanctions if they refuse to try to settle.

Given that the rules require you to try to settle the declaration before the hearing, do you want to attempt to settle at this stage?

 If Yes, do you want a one month stay?

If you answered ‘No’ to question 1, please state below the reasons why you judge it unacceptable to try to settle the claim at this stage.

The claim has been issued in the High Court. Do you consider it should stay there?

Is there any explanation why your claim needs to be heard at a court or hearing centre?

Have you made any submission (s) in this claim?

Have you reached contract, either using the Electronic Documents Questionnaire in Practice Direction 31B or otherwise, about the scope and extent of disclosure of electronic documents on each side?

Which eyewitness of fact do you intend to call at the trial or final hearing including, if appropriate, yourself?

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Position Analysis Questionnaire

Position Analysis Questionnaire is a questionnaire prepared by companies before providing a position for an individual in getting a job. It’s basically evaluating a job applicant’s skills and knowledge, how suitable the applicant is for the required position.

When a company’s looks in recruiting a job applicant or change the work position of a person already working, they analyze them according to standards. For example if you’re recruiting an individual for a new position, you cannot just evaluate viewing his CV or previous experience, you have to evaluate according to your company needs. If they skills are matching your requirements and you need other skills that will suite his position, then you can provide a training session before the applicant hits the floor.   The same will go with the employee already working for certain position and you need him to move to a senior position, in such cases you need to analyze proving a position questionnaire.

This is a good practice for small to large companies that wants their employees to give 100% output. While preparing such questionnaire one needs to have advanced knowledge on what they are looking for in a person. Just preparing the questions looking at the online template will ruin position and indirectly will cause best position process for any designation. The sample questions provided below will help you set the right position analysis.

Position Analysis Questionnaire Sample:

How do you think you’re suitable for this position?

Have you previously been in such position?

What tasks can you handle perfectly if given a chance to work in this position?

How would you differentiate from others in this position?

Do you consult your superiors regarding any issue or solve it yourself?

How soon can you resolve an issue?

Do you just love working in such position or take the position with a purpose?

Are you comfortable with the present position?

How can you increase the growth of the company, after assigning this role?

Will the company be benefited from the new position you have acquired?

Do you feel the overall skills you have will best suite the position your heading?

Do you feel you need to still have advanced skills?

Do you think few training class would help you feel comfortable for this position?

Will you be able to handle the pressure taking the senior position?

Website Design Questionnaire

Website Design Questionnaire is a questionnaire provided by website development companies, every client coming in to design a particle website is offered with the questionnaire form to fill in. The information provided in the questionnaire helps web development companies know exactly how they can design a website.

This questionnaire is not only for website development companies, it can also be answered by individuals looking to start a website and know more about designing. There are millions of websites hosted every day, but how many really have the appealing look? People love to start a health, eCommerce, education, magazine, online matrimony and many different website to make brand awareness or earn money.

A website is basically designed by designers, who have immense knowledge in HTML,PHP, CSS, Java, Python and many more designing tools like Photoshop, CorelDraw etc. Now there are plenty of hosting companies providing free designs for the websites you host on their servers. Website designing is much important as designing your home. People love a website just looking at its design.

Normally sites are hosted on WordPress or blogger, a WordPress site has many themes which can help you design your website, there are free and paid themes, paid themes give you many options. The blogger also comes with many free and paid templates.  Basically you would approach a designing company if you are newbie or a company trying to make brand awareness.

The questions below will help you get an idea on how to approach a company when designing a website.

Website Design Questionnaire Sample:

Is your website a static or dynamic?

Is the website just to prompt your product or CMS?

Where have you hosted the website?

Do you have any design or theme which you would like to have on your website?

Do you love having flash on your website?

Do you want the website home page designed or different designs for categories as well?

Do you wish to take a look at our pre designed templates?

Do you like to have the website designed in PHP, HTML, CSS, Phyton etc?

Is the websites a blogger or word press site?

How much is your estimated price for website designing?

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Gaming Questionnaire

A gaming questionnaire is a survey taken to know the purpose why people play games and how much they are addicted. Normally the gaming has become huge industry where all age groups play video games every day. With computer, laptops gaining popularity in 21st century, the online games have become popular then any.

When i stated playing games, they were mostly DOS, and now we have 3D games. There are enormous online gaming portals which allows you to play games online, for example you have FaceBook where millions of people play games. The games have become the best time pass of every one. The game manufacturing companies have made huge profits then any other sector.

The game i loved most was age of empires, which showed me how life goes on, i need to collect stones, farming, wood, gold and every thing a human being requires. I have learned a lot from this particular game. Play games for entertainment but don't make entertainment to waste your life.

Gaming Questionnaire Sample:

What is your Age?

From when exactly did you start playing games?

Did your parents every avoid you from playing games?

What kind of games you love most?

Do you use home PC or mobile to play the games?

How many hours do you spend in playing games?

Have you ever felt like helping your family, instead of playing games?

Have you every checked your eyesight increase or decrease after playing games for years?

Do you think games are best time pass?

Do you try to learn some thing new from the game?

Did any of the action games help you in your real life?

How you every put the same effects on education as much you did on playing games?

How many dollars did you spend in purchasing games?

Beauty Salon Questionnaire Sample

A questionnaire salon is a document used by several of beauty salons owners to get feedback from their customers. Contains questions that help assess the correctness of visits by customers taking services and their levels of satisfaction. All this helps the salon to make appropriate changes to their operations to better serve customers changes.

Beauty Salon Questionnaire Sample:

Name: _____________________
Contact No.: ____________________
Contact Addres:

Gender: male, female
Specify what age you are, or even a mention which age group do lie in.

How long has it have been visiting the salon for beauty treatments has been done? (Provide an estimated time if not exact)

How frequently visit this salon?

What services does beauty parlors to visit?

How is the environment of the salon?

How frequently do you get haircuts?

Do you have some preference for the kind of the salon?

Do you receive any of facial beauty treatment here? Specify.

How would you describe the quality of facial treatments that we offer?

Have you ever been had a manicure or a pedicure at the salon? How would you describe the quality of care?

Did you ever taken a massage or therapeutic management of our salon? Specify.

How would you qualify treatment quality?

How do you rate your experience at the front desk before and after treatment?

Is there anything in the classroom that would like to change or improve?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mortgage Loan Questionnaire Sample

Mortgage loan questionnaire is a application form prepare by the money lender, before providing the interest amount to the borrower. Mortgages are used for business purpose, where you as an individual have some sort of business and all of a sudden, you incur looses and have to keep the business into some ones hand.

For example you have a travel business and have about 5 own vehicles, when the business is not doing well, and need urgent money, what you do is contact a broker, the broker in turn contacts a money lender, the money lender pays you huge amount for the vehicles, you need to pay monthly interest for some years as signed in the bond, if the duration exceeds and unable to pay the principle amount, the money lender has right to own the vehicles himself.

Its business where you need to have knowledge on financial matters and before doing mortgage agreement once should have all the documents required to signed and make authoritative in future crisis. Mostly people prefer taking mortgage loans from trusted persons, though banks provide many kinds of loans, business people have to fill in documents and provided many identities and get verified by bank authorities, which really people feel this would be a long duration.

Mortgage Loan Questionnaire Sample:

Name: _____________________
Date of Birth: ____/____/____
Address: Street: ____________ City: ___________, State: ___________, ZIP Code: _____________
Working Phone Number: ______________
Social Security number:
Email Address: _____________________

Are you married?
Do you have any properties?
What kind of loan your looking for?
How much amount your expecting?
How much interest are you comfortable?
How many years would you like to mortgage?
Have you gone through the bank policies?
Under whose name would you like to take the agreement?
Do you have all the documents required?

Monday, 31 March 2014

Election Awareness Questionnaire

Election awareness questionnaire is a survey taken from the people of certain state or country to know exactly what people are thinking about the elections and how aware are they about the political leaders.

To be frank people make there own decisions, when it comes to elections they don't know exactly what to do except to vote for someone who they think are good at that point of time. Every citizen doesn't have the capacity to think of future, what they are require is to how well they will be helped by the selected party. If you take India as example..the worst political organized country as of now. It has got nothing to offer of people except to talk against other parties. People in different regions have different opinions on different leaders, so politicians have already decided how to treat each area of people.

How good to having a elections awareness questionnaire? How will it help people, can we really bring a change? Let me find how many can answer the best..

Do you think elections are most in every country?
How many countries have online voting systems?
How many countries pay money and buy public?
Do you thing voting to same party will help the country?
Do you thing a politician should be educated?
How many political leaders have kept there promises?
Do you think the society is changed by leaders?
How is the best politician, whom you think is the real people leader?
What qualities do you look to have in a politician?