Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Shopping Questionnaire

The Christmas Shopping questionnaire is a tool where you can answer questions related shopping for Christmas, the questionnaire will help you know exactly what to buy and how to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

Christmas is coming soon, and what have you planned to this time when gifting your friends, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and family member's?

In the world of peaking technology, we have always tried sending e-greetings and online digital gifts. I have always loved the traditional way where we have gifted out some thing unique to our loved ones. Pre plan your Christmas shopping in advance to give the right gift for the right person. Gifting children that is worth to there life, giving toys is not something a child can learn a great deal about, plan out for books that can give a kids something to learn.

Gift your parents active monitoring devices, fitness scales or fitness trackers, which are helpful devices for them to check there daily activities and be healthy.

Your husbands work all the day in office and any work that is done today, is all with computers, laptops, tabs gift him something that can reduce his stress, books that talk about how to stay fit working, device that help him take a break.

How do you plan your Christmas shopping?
What are your Christmas shopping ideas?
Do you shop in the local store or explore online shops?
How good you are at shopping online?

Best Christmas Shopping Websites for Children :

Best Christmas Shopping Sites For Husbands:

Best Christmas Shopping Sites For Wifes:

Best Christmas Shopping Sites For Grand Parents:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Work Related Stress Questionnaire

A work related stress questionnaire is prepared by any company or third party company to know about the stress related issues in an office. Today we have just one choice; we need to work and make a living, other than that we don’t have an option. Most of the younger generations love to be working for a private sector and earn his living.

Frankly speaking there are not many reasons for stress, we have created it. When an individual knows how to handle the pressure in life, there won’t be any stress in his life.

Why there are people getting stressed in offices? The main reason one can say is, because you’re working before a computer screen for hours. Yes, when you go 10 years back, people used to do work manually, where we maintained files for each department. Now every sector in life has to deal with computer. Computers have made lives lazy.

The digital world has provided everything we require, but not health. So when working in an office, you need to have certain limitation working before the screens. I have my own set of questionnaire for you to answer and kick away the stress.

Work Related Stress Questionnaire Sample:

Do you know the exact meaning of stress?
Do you feel stressed out in office or home?
Do you love the job?
How many breaks do you take in office?
Do you maintain a close relationship with your colleagues?
What you do when you don’t find a solution?
How often do you feel your boss is rude to you?
Are you not satisfied with the salary structure?
Do you blink your eyes sitting before the computer screen?
Do you work for self satisfaction or money?
Do you come to office with family problems?
How do you cop up with work when not finished in time?
Do you come late to the office?
Do you even work at home in nights?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tree Planting Questionnaire

Tree planting questionnaire is a survey which can be done on any one, a group or a organization, the survey helps people to know the how important it’s to plant trees. These kind of questionnaires are highly required for today’s society.

Trees are the main source of life for our species, but mankind have tried to destroy plants for his own purpose. It’s hard for us to leave without trees. The main element that we get from tress is oxygen which is all of our lives. Today we have tried cutting down the tress and very deforestation which is leading to global warming. We have to step ahead and move forward in planting more tress in balancing the natural resources of our planet.

Prepare a questionnaire and ask everyone to participate. If you’re at home or school or office, make sure you send out a survey, at few will do plantation work on a holiday. Tree plantation should be making a compulsory act by every country. All the organizations should be informed to plant trees every month.

Tree Planting Questionnaire Sample:

Do you know the importance of tress?
Have you ever participated in planting trees?
Are your parents into farming?
What do you know about nature?
Do you know the causes of deforestation?
Do you know what is global warming?
Do you know your living here just because of trees?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fast Food And Health Questionnaire

Fast food so called the junk food of all times, a questionnaire about fast food is to get an analysis on how good it’s for out health. The questions asked should be related on how fast food is good for humans.

Normally for years the fast food sector is considered to be a food which is served quickly for people getting busy to cook at home. The tasty food served hot in hotels, inns and restaurants prepare many varieties of fast foods.

But the questions to ask, is this food good for your health. According to research people have been addicted to fast food and the numbers of health issues have increased in recent past. The food is harmful when eaten regularly, as the food is half boiled, the ingredients used to cook a fast food are chemicals like tasting salt, and different sauces which destroy the intestine.

There have been several cases with food poisoning, bone weakness, sever stomach pain, ulcers etc..People should understand that the fast food once was eaten when you’re traveling far and in middle of the way you had these hotels which served fast food. You can just have once a month.

Fast Food And Health Questionnaire sample:

Do you know exactly the meaning of fast food?
How many times a week do you eat fast food?
Do you love having the food just because it’s served quickly?
Do you add many boiled veggies along with the fast food, like carrot, beetroot, cabbage, grains etc?
Do you feel fast food is the cheapest food for you?
Have ever tried cooking the food at home and taking to college?
Have you ever researched if the fast food is good for your health?
Do you know the diseases caused eating fast food?

Note: Health is wealth

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Antivirus Questionnaire

Antivirus questionnaire are few questions one need to answers to themselves before purchasing an antivirus product or downloading a free software online. The questionnaire plays in important role as the security is the main concern for today’s world of digitals. Almost the technology emerged to serve the needs of human with ease but the security issues have been much more complicated.

Antivirus software is required for any digital product you purchase; as every digital code can be hacked at some point of time, the usage of internet without antivirus is a doorway for malware and threats to come in.  Having a great Smartphone without antivirus tool to useless.

The antivirus questionnaire can be prepared by either the antivirus company that sells the products or can be taken by an individual before he orders one online.

There are plenty of companies providing antivirus software’s and choosing the right one always makes it difficult as normal users doesn’t understand the inner functionality. Answer the questions below to get a quick idea of what to get from an antivirus tool.

Antivirus Questionnaire Sample:

For what device do you need antivirus software?
Desktops, Laptops, Ipads, Tablets, Mobiles

Do you know the difference between trial and full version?
How often do you search for antivirus products?
Do you use the same antivirus software that comes along with the system?
Do you read the reviews of antivirus software online?
Do you go through the features and working process before purchase?
Have you ever felt that installing the antivirus software is slowing the system process?
What are the best antivirus software’s for corporate and home users?
Have you been with a same antivirus software or keep changing often?
If you’re in Asian countries you prefer to use pirated version and has this software really helped you delete the threats?
How much would you like to invest for antivirus software?
Do you have an idea about terms such as Phishing, Malware, Spyware, Hacking, Pop ups, Adwares etc?
Do you have know how to open websites with complete security?
Most of the virus today has been replicating from pendrivers, falash drivers, so are you aware of using a USB security tools?

Additional Help:

Best Antivirus:
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android
kaspersky for mobile

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pancreatitis Questionnaire

Pancreatitis is a dangerous disease which is a worrying factor of future, as there is not perfect medicine for pancreatic. The disease has been increasing gradually every year and the cases have reached high since 2010.

Pancreatitis comes in different types but the major problem is that it can sometimes be a deadly disease, it attacks pancreas and pancreas is located next to liver and produces juices for digestion of food. Every part is important for the metabolism of the body to work fine; when the pancreas is damaged the food can’t be digested.

Normally pancreatitis means, some kind of fat substance covers the pancreas and will not allow passing on the juices to food. When the fat is formed, you will experience severe pain on the upper portion of stomach and it will pass on to whole stomach, whichever side you move you will feel the pain.

The cause of pancreatitis can be many but the major ones are, people having too  much dairy products, drinking whisky, brandy, rum in raw, which I mean adding very less water, eating too much of Non-veggies and packed food. 

One of my friend who had pancreatitis struggled for two days with pain, the when the blood test was done it was told as Pancreatitis. He was then advised by his uncle to take Homeopathy treatment and he was just fine in a week of time. I feel Homeopathy is cheap but works great.

After researching a lot it was identified as people worldwide eat burgers and pizzas with lot of butter and cheese added, the butter has more fat elements and which is the main problem of pancreatitis, it good to have more veg soups and veggie leaves. The other major cause is people eating tobacco, some chew the tobacco and some keep it in mouth for hours, this reduces the saliva production and causes pancreatic.

Pancreatitis Questionnaire Sample:

Do you know what Pancreatitis is?
How many types of Pancreatitis?
What are the symptoms of Pancreatitis?
What are your daily food habits?
Do you have habit of tobacco, alcohol?
Do you wish to have cheese/ butter with all the food you take?
How many days in a week you have beef, meat and chicken?
Do you have boiled vegetables along with the regular food?
Do you sleep every day for at least 8 hours?
How many hours do you sit before computer? Do you have a clean keyboard?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Business Consulting Questionnaire

A business consulting questionnaire helps a consultant get the overall picture of how he could help the consulting company with ease.  There are different types of consultants throughout the world,  every consultant works on his own choice,  we have marketing, IT, business, Career, Journalism, Banking and many more consulting firms where they help and individual or client in getting to start a new company or getting to gain profits in the existing company.

Being a consultant you should always give the clients the best deal, when you have a best questionnaire prepared for the clients, then you can for sure get along with the clients requirements with ease.  Few questions should be maintained as standard and other keep changing according to the client’s company type.

Business Consulting Questionnaire should expect to have long answers to the questions provided, because the consultant should understand the needs of the client before giving an advice. So make sure the some standard questions are always put on top.  A questionnaire plays a major role for a consultant as he has to work on different case studies in helping the company. Take a look at the sample questionnaire for business consulting.

Business Consulting Questionnaire Sample:

Client Name:
Person approached:
How did you come to know about the consulting firm?
What is the Name of your Business?
How old is your business?
Who are your partners?
Who handles all the operations?
What made you approach me?
Do you what me to help you start a new business or develop the business with profits?
Did you face the losses recently or from the beginning?
What are your products and service?
How are your competitors in this business?
Do you think you can only exist in this business if you can beat your competitor?
How many branches do you have?
Which branches need to be handled properly?
Have you taken any advice prior to me?
Have you invested in any other 3rd party companies?
How much time do you think is good to recover your business?
Please specify in details about your requirements?
If I need information regarding marketing, finance, sales, staff, CEO, managers etc..Who is the best person I can communicate with?
Did any client leave your company? If so how many and for want reasons? Mention exact reasons