Monday, December 15, 2014

Loan Questionnaire

What is a loan questionnaire and why do you need it? A loan questionnaire is for individuals and business who are ready to take a loan for an investment when in short of money. An individual takes loans for various reasons, like education, small business, purchasing a home, motor cycle loan etc.. the need of loan is when you don’t have enough money to invest to by an item.

When you apply for a loan there are plenty of issues, normal people forget to ask themselves, and how we are going to repay the loan along with interest. You take loans showing your bank statements if you’re an employee, and you show bank transaction details and property details when taking a loan for business needs, you actually are looking to take a loan and invest in some area of business, thinking you will get profits, but what if the business don’t give you profits, how will you pay the loan?

So loan questionnaire can help you to understand terminologies before applying for a loan. The loan process is same for an individual or business needs, but the amount of interest and paper work may differ. I have seen lots of people where they quickly take loans from banks for some purpose, in the end unable to pay the loan.

Loan Questionnaire Sample

Have you ever researched how a loan process works?
What kind of loans are you looking to apply for?
What banks have you approached for the loan?
Do you look at the interest rates offered by each bank?
How are you going to repay the loan amount?
Do you know about the legal actions taken by the banks if loan is not paid?
Have you gone through the loan process and papers before signing the loans documents?
How many months and years are going to pay the loan?
Do you know that getting a loan approved quickly needs an agent who works for commissions?
If your applying for a loan second time, do you know the first loans payment history is checked before approving the second loan?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Parenting Relationship Questionnaire

Parenting relationship questionnaire is for parents who need to know how to take care of there children.

Being a parent once should understand that you have been a passage to deliver life but you have not created the new life. So its for parents to change, the child always watches the behavior and attitude and follows parents.

A father who smokes every day before children, can't say his children not to smoke. As the child watches his father and feels its good to smoke. Your father tells you that smoking is injuries to health, but as the child already knows that his father is smoking, he also feels that he can smoke when he grows.

Parents have to change them-self for there children, be as a good friend and give then the love they need. Having seen may children spoiling there careers just because they don't get enough love from there family.

Parenting Relationship Questionnaire Sample:

As a parent how much time do you spend with your children?
Do you treat all the kids the same?
Do you change habits for your children?
Do you and your wife quarrel before your children?
Do you sit with your kids in educating?
Being a mother how do you take care of your kids daily activities?
Do you allow your kids to watch TV and sit before internet for hours?
Do you educate your kids about health and food?
Did you educate your children about respecting elders?
Did you ever behave as a friend with your kids?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Financial Planning Questionnaire Sample

A financial planning questionnaire is a form prepared by financial advisers or financial consultants to assist the clients in a better way, an individual normally looks for a help when planning his finance to keep gaining more profits. The clients comes to seek help from the advisers, in such criteria an adviser need to have the financial plan questionnaire which will give him compete picture of the client financial needs. It’s the best way to get all the information and give the clients the best output results.

Business people who are earning from different sources always look to organize their finance every day, they require planning for tax, investments, assets and many more. The client would be earning huge profits, but it can make a life tough and move to looses if there is no perfect financial planning. In this century we also have individual earning from different sources, its also for these people to consult a adviser.

The questionnaire should be prepared in such a way to get in depth information regarding the financial theme, as most of the individuals hesitate to a financial planner. An adviser should make sure he collects all the information, so that there would be no issue with the output. The sample questionnaire below will assist you in getting a better idea.

Financial Planning Questionnaire Sample

  1. Name: Address: Mobile: Email ID
  2. Occupation:
  3. What is the exact reason for meeting a financial planner?
  4. Have you encountered any looses in your business?
  5. How much do you spend every day?
  6. Do you monitor your finance every day?
  7. Where have you invested you money?
  8. Do your businesses consist of partners?
  9. How many bank accounts do you have for business needs and individual needs?
  10. Who takes care of your tax payments?
  11. What kind of insurance have you taken?
  12. Do you have loans taken for running your business?
  13. What kind of growth have you seen in the business?
  14. How much do you invest on family every month?
  15. How much do you invest for yourself monthly?
  16. How do you want the business grow?
  17. What steps have you taken in past to increase the profits?
  18. Have you invested in stock market?
  19. How much do you pay for Attorney?
  20. How many employees work under you?
  21. Have you invested in real estate?
  22. How much do you invest in house hold good monthly?
  23. How much do you pay for?

Internet Telephone
Car Payments
Dining Out

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Software Application Uninstallation Questionnaire

A software application uninstallation questionnaire is for people who don’t to know exactly how to uninstall a software completely before installing a latest version.  These few sample questions can help you get knowledge to perfectly install a software.

A software applications could be anything that helps make work ease digitally. We have been using MS office suite, messengers, skype, media players, converters, drivers and many more. The main aim of writing this article is, to ensure that you don’t wait for days to uninstall a software or pay for the technician for a simple issue.

I had personally experienced having issues with skype new edition installation process. where I had to explore online for days for the new edition to work. When you install an application on windows you normally store the installation files in different locations, which you don’t remember as the installation interface seems to look a like for all software's. In this process for newbies it becomes a nightmare to uninstall a software. Follow the sample questions to quickly uninstall the software.

Software application un-installation questionnaire sample:

  1. Do you install the software or get it done by a technician?
  2. Do you exactly know the process of installation and uninstallation?
  3. Have used different OS software applications?
  4. Do you know the locations where the installation files are stored?
  5. Do you go though the installation wizard instructions when installing a software?
  6. How often did you had problems with uninstallation of software?
  7. Did you receive any error messages?
  8. Do you know how to uninstall from control panel?
  9. Do you know to uninstall entries of a software from windows registry?
  10. Did you have difficultly uninstalling trail version of software?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Shopping Questionnaire

The Christmas Shopping questionnaire is a tool where you can answer questions related shopping for Christmas, the questionnaire will help you know exactly what to buy and how to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

Christmas is coming soon, and what have you planned to this time when gifting your friends, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and family member's?

In the world of peaking technology, we have always tried sending e-greetings and online digital gifts. I have always loved the traditional way where we have gifted out some thing unique to our loved ones. Pre plan your Christmas shopping in advance to give the right gift for the right person. Gifting children that is worth to there life, giving toys is not something a child can learn a great deal about, plan out for books that can give a kids something to learn.

Gift your parents active monitoring devices, fitness scales or fitness trackers, which are helpful devices for them to check there daily activities and be healthy.

Your husbands work all the day in office and any work that is done today, is all with computers, laptops, tabs gift him something that can reduce his stress, books that talk about how to stay fit working, device that help him take a break.

How do you plan your Christmas shopping?
What are your Christmas shopping ideas?
Do you shop in the local store or explore online shops?
How good you are at shopping online?

Best Christmas Shopping Websites for Children :

Best Christmas Shopping Sites For Husbands:

Best Christmas Shopping Sites For Wifes:

Best Christmas Shopping Sites For Grand Parents:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Work Related Stress Questionnaire

A work related stress questionnaire is prepared by any company or third party company to know about the stress related issues in an office. Today we have just one choice; we need to work and make a living, other than that we don’t have an option. Most of the younger generations love to be working for a private sector and earn his living.

Frankly speaking there are not many reasons for stress, we have created it. When an individual knows how to handle the pressure in life, there won’t be any stress in his life.

Why there are people getting stressed in offices? The main reason one can say is, because you’re working before a computer screen for hours. Yes, when you go 10 years back, people used to do work manually, where we maintained files for each department. Now every sector in life has to deal with computer. Computers have made lives lazy.

The digital world has provided everything we require, but not health. So when working in an office, you need to have certain limitation working before the screens. I have my own set of questionnaire for you to answer and kick away the stress.

Work Related Stress Questionnaire Sample:

Do you know the exact meaning of stress?
Do you feel stressed out in office or home?
Do you love the job?
How many breaks do you take in office?
Do you maintain a close relationship with your colleagues?
What you do when you don’t find a solution?
How often do you feel your boss is rude to you?
Are you not satisfied with the salary structure?
Do you blink your eyes sitting before the computer screen?
Do you work for self satisfaction or money?
Do you come to office with family problems?
How do you cop up with work when not finished in time?
Do you come late to the office?
Do you even work at home in nights?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tree Planting Questionnaire

Tree planting questionnaire is a survey which can be done on any one, a group or a organization, the survey helps people to know the how important it’s to plant trees. These kind of questionnaires are highly required for today’s society.

Trees are the main source of life for our species, but mankind have tried to destroy plants for his own purpose. It’s hard for us to leave without trees. The main element that we get from tress is oxygen which is all of our lives. Today we have tried cutting down the tress and very deforestation which is leading to global warming. We have to step ahead and move forward in planting more tress in balancing the natural resources of our planet.

Prepare a questionnaire and ask everyone to participate. If you’re at home or school or office, make sure you send out a survey, at few will do plantation work on a holiday. Tree plantation should be making a compulsory act by every country. All the organizations should be informed to plant trees every month.

Tree Planting Questionnaire Sample:

Do you know the importance of tress?
Have you ever participated in planting trees?
Are your parents into farming?
What do you know about nature?
Do you know the causes of deforestation?
Do you know what is global warming?
Do you know your living here just because of trees?