Monday, November 23, 2015

Salary Delay Questionnaire

Salary plays a crucial role in effecting the workers productivity and performance, when the salaries are delayed any company is hugely going to get effected in several ways. A company can only survive with employees, when it cannot pay the employees, the work performance automatically gets reduced and the company can suffer huge losses.

Today when the technology is moving fast, many companies are not paying their employees on time, this is not only with small firms but large multinational companies have also been following this trend. It has become a habit of companies to recruit employees with a fake bond for 1-2 years, they also take school and college certifications as a proof. This is mostly happening in India and Asian countries.

I have seen companies in advertising, media, educational training, digital marketing, web development and many more sectors which are paying salaries as they wish. A company is just paying their employees when they get projects another company will only pay when targets are reached.  One of my friends has received his salary after 2 long months. What happens is when the salaries are delayed the employees stop working towards the company and just work to receive the salary? In this process the employees waste their time and employer makes bad relation and brand.

The first solution is to connect with Labour Commissioner, approach the Labour Commissioner in your state or country. They will directly take it to court. If you feel you need to get the issue resolved quickly contact tax Ombudsman in your area. Below are few questionnaires that an employee needs to answer.

Salary Delay Questionnaire Sample:

Company Name:
Joining date:
From how many days have been working with the company?
Did you receive offer and joining letters after the hiring process?
Did you receive monthly pay slips?
Did you sign any bond before joining the company?
Did you submit any of your study certifications?
Did you receive any ID card from the company?
Do you have a HR process in the company?
From how many months you didn’t receive the salary?
Are the other employees suffering with the same salary issue?
Did you complain about the issues to Labour Commissioner?
Does the company have any official website?
Is the Head of the company absconding?
Why didn’t you complain to the Labour Commissioner the first month you didn’t receive the salary?
Do you know if the company is registered?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Office Meetings Questionnaire

We all have meetings in office every day, either the manager, team leader or CEO takes some kind of meeting. I think most of you are aware how exactly you feel after having a meeting every day. According to my survey i have seen most of the employees are not interested in daily office meetings, the main reason is that every meeting has one conclusion, which is to reach the targets and increase the productivity.

With meetings every day the productivity is never going to increase, instead it will make the employees feel stressed listening to the entire daily story. At least the employees are waiting 1 hour every day and few other employees feel they have some leisure time to sit idle.

Most of the sales, marketing employees are never going to reach their targets every month; this doesn’t mean that if we have meetings every day they will reach the targets. It’s the manager or business developer who needs to have best strategies predefined and ensure to work on it every day. Meetings are normally taken to motivate the employees but now a day every meeting is taken to repeatedly remind the workers to reach the targets.

There are also many mid-sized companies where employees are facing lot of issues, as the managers confirms that, if the targets are not reached they will not pay the salaries, this makes the employees performance worst then increase his confidence levels. Below is a sample questionnaire on office meetings questionnaire.

Office Meetings Questionnaire Samples:

Office name:
Number of employees:
Number of departments:
Is your company a start-up company?
What the main profile of the company?
How many hours of meetings you have?
Do the meetings happen every day, weekly or monthly?
How you feel about daily office meetings?
Do you feel they will boast you confidence levels?
Do you manager appreciate your performance in the meetings?
Do the managers give motivational speech?
Have you ever been threatened by managers that you will be fired, of the targets are not reached?
Do you really thing meetings are necessary every day?
After the meetings do the managers really help you in work process?
Do you feel a standard procedure is not followed by your company?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Office Lease Requirements Questionnaire Sample

When building a commercial space for renting or leasing business or office space it’s the duty of the owner to understand what space is required for different individuals and structures according their needs. A questionnaire would help them organize the space according to the occupant needs, for example we if your want the space to be used for IT office, it should be designed such a way that a room should be allotted for front office, workspace, meeting room, cafeteria .So preparing a Office lease Requirements Questionnaire can help you easily arrange the space.

Any client looks to have a spacious office where they can accommodate many more employees in future. The land load or builder should analyze the space of the building. It’s always recommended to have a open space and then when clients approaches to rent the building you can prepare it according to the requirement. Let’s see few sample Office lease Requirements Questions that can help builders. Provide the questionnaire to clients.

Sample Office lease Requirements Questionnaire

Name of the company:
Company launched since which year?

Whats the company into?
How many employees work in the company?
How many branches do you have locally and internationally?
How much space do you require to set up all the equipment's?
What are the equipment's you would like to install?
Do you remodel the internal structure or shall we do it for you?
Do you have a plan designed or want to take help of our engineers?
How many years do you want to lease the premises?
Do you take care of maintenance of the office?
Is the parking area sufficient?
Does your office work 24/7?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Employees Work Hours Questionnaire

Why have the employees work hours in a company became so talked matter as the standard time a work should stay in an office for at least 9 hours.  This questionnaire will tell exactly why we need to know about employees work hours.

When IT became popular and everyone started sitting before computer and started learning how to play games, work on applications and operating systems. It was really cool in the beginning when we had all the work done by our computers, but gradually the scenario changed where we had all our time before the boxes and never to get up for hours. Their came software projects, applications like MSoffice, games and social media, which made us too lazy to get grocery from a store, we just order right from our Smartphone’s.

Now the critical question is how long can employees sit back in office work? I have researched it from the time i started working in different offices. I can clearly say that an employee can just work for 6 hours completely to provide best performance. I have tried it on me, when i start my work at 9am i am so fresh filled with ideas and then when I reach 2PM i am totally exhausted. This is true with every employee in any company. But still most of the companies work for 9-10 hours and many of the software programmers work for 15 hours. I some countries it’s a rule to take 4 hours of rest after lunch and come back to work or business at evening 4PM. I see that these countries have great production values. Hope this is implemented in every country, as employees work hours is the main topic that should been discussed by companies worldwide.

Employees Work Hours Questionnaire sample:

Name of employee:
Company Name:
Years of Work:
Educational Qualification:
How many hours does your office operate?
How many hours do you work?
How many breaks do you have in between?
How long is the lunch duration?
If you are late to the office, do you also leave the office late?
How many leaves do you have in a year?
Do many days you work in a week?
Do you have team meetings every day?
How many hours do you actually working with passion and comfort?
How many hours do you think is sufficient to complete the daily task?
Any health issues caused sitting for hours before the computers?
Any eye related issues working for all these years?
After how many hours do you feel stressed?
Do you think you are satisfied working for IT?
Do your managers and ceo’s assign targets every day? If so do you feel stressed looking to finish the targets?

Nanny Interview Questionnaire

Nanny is not a worker but should fill the space of mother and take care of children with the same affection as parents. The sample Nanny Questionnaire is for parents to ask before hiring a nanny for the job.

Nannies are individuals are hired to take of children when parents are out for work, the need for nanny jobs has increased enormously and we can see plenty of people posting ADS to hire nannies. Nannies have come into picture from recent times as parents have became aware that they are the ones who takes of children as well as home.

Previously hiring a nanny was easy and it would totally be based on the trust of parents and nannies. But today hiring a nanny should follow certain guidelines, which are the nannies can come directly to the parents or any other consultancy, it’s important for parents to take scanned copies of their home address, identity number, previous experience, education and finally an agreement for how long he or she should work. It’s also advised for parents to install CCTV cameras to better understand how nannies are treating their kids. A sample interview questionnaire for nannies is best way to evaluate their performance and trust before hiring.

Nanny Interview Questionnaire Sample:

Date of birth:
Permanent location:
Is this the first job or do you have any previous experience, if you have, then how many children have you managed?
What is your education? How good are you at satisfying children?
What food do you think children of various groups like?
Do you cook various recipes for kids?
How many hours can you spend with children every day?
How you handle children when they cry for parents?
In case of emergency what do you do?
Are you technically sound in using Smartphone’s and laptops?
What food do you think is good for 1-3 years children?
How many hours of sleep is required for children of age groups from 1-6?
In case we are not home on time, can you stay with the children for more time?

Self Assessment Leadership Questionnaire

A self assessment questionnaire is to check to see how a senior in an organization qualifies for leadership of the company. A boss is one who doesn't only gaze about the business but also care about the workers and customers, he is one who motivates and also practically implements things for employees to follow the same.

These days’ companies have managers who are skilled to do nothing but supervise a team and send reports at the end of the day. I have had some great experience with managers who are great in changing the daily work plan and giving worst output. If you have approximately 5 years of knowledge in certain field and working for the same company you are given a manager position.

A self assessment leadership questionnaire can be taken by any who are willing to know their own leadership skills to manager a team or a group of teams. Taking the collaborative or authentic leadership assessments can show you results on what you have to change to become a great leader. Follow below sample questionnaire and answer them to become self aware.

Self Assessment Leadership Questionnaire Sample:

For how many years have to been working as a manager in this company?
Do you still love to work with the same company? If so why?
When you have many top companies paying high salaries for the position, why are you still working with this company?
What changes have taken place since you have been appointed as manager?
How many teams do you handle?
What strategies you have implement to changes the work environment?
Do you have any junior manager appointed under you?
Do you reach the office before the employee time or any time as you wish?
How many hours do you stay in office?
Do you personally visit the employee’s desk?
Do you monitor employee’s actives remotely?
Did you really take care about the satisfaction levels of the employees?
Do you plan any outings every month?
Do you plan meetings every week?
How do you handle employee complaints?
Have you tried developing any self awareness and motivation speeches that could help the employees?
How do you evaluate the performance of the best employees?
Do you always plan to look into competitors shoes or work according to your own plans?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Kids Health Questionnaire

Taking care of kid’s health is a foremost apprehension for parents, as in today’s world with every sort of artificial food kids are prone to various health problems, evaluating a questionnaire on kids health by parents can really help every family have healthy kids. Kids are always looking to taste some special that they love, in most of the countries kids love eating chocolates, candy’s, wafers, pastries and every food that is packed with chemicals. If a parent can understand that food always should be taken in natural way, food that is packed is always bad, as it involves chemicals that are used to preserve food.

Today’s parents have their own reasons and excuses in letting their kids all the stuff outside. I have seen where mum’s don’t have time to cook great meal and order a pizza.  This is likely to be the future, but one should understand that kids can quickly get infected. For example. My neighbors are well educated but most of the time, prefer eating outside, both wife and husband earn a lot working for top companies, they don’t have time to cook. Their children are addicted to fast-food and now suddenly they were rushed to hospital with food poisoning, when consulted doctors they were shocked to see the intestine of both kids were had small tumors. The advice for doctors were never to eat any food cooked outside and preferred them to eat fruits, vegs and fish.

Every day hundreds of kids are getting admitted in hospitals and the main reason is unhealthy food. It’s up to the parents to make some time cook good natural food. Below are questions that can make you aware of what to eat and what not.

Kids health questionnaire sample:

Name of kid:
Place of birth:
Currently living in which place:
Blood group:
What is your favorite food?
How many times a day you have food?
Do you eat at home or any other place?
How many soft drinks do you drink every week?
What kind of food tastes good?
Do your parents cook food at home? If so how many times?
How many times a year you visit a doctor?
Do you practice any yoga, running, walking exercises every day?
How many glasses of water you drink every day?
Do you prefer chocolates, pastries and baked items every day?
How many times in a week you have non-veg?
Do you love taking soups?
What kind of vegetables you eat more?
Do you eat leafy vegetables?
What kind of dairy products you take?