Sunday, February 18, 2018

Diabetes Questionnaire For Physicians

Diabetes questionnaire for physicians is a standard set of questions that they should know before treating a diabetic patient, the questionnaire should be prepare by the physician as per his way for treatment and medicine provided, as the treatment methods will differ from each physician.

Diabetes is not a disease but a change in insulin level in the body, this so called insidious disease has been increasing every day as the lifestyle is changing. The processed food we consume is the major reason for diabetes and another reason is the powerful medication the doctors provide.

Diabetes should never be ignored as it is a paradigm of many other chronic diseases with metabolic syndrome. 8 percent of population is United States suffers from diabetes, and most of them have eyesight problems. Today people have been able to treat diabetes in an efficient way by using home glucose monitors and disposable syringes which are advanced way to proactively treat diabetes.

Diabetes Questionnaire For Physicians:

How to treat patients with general diabetes and type 2 diabetes?
Do you think the first syndrome of diabetes if obesity?
What kind of treatment is provided to keep the blood glucose levels to normal?
Do you know about complete diabetic complications?
What kind of habits does a diabetic patient should follow?
Do you share all the treatments and therapeutic focus with family and patients?
Do you think the modern drugs will cure diabetes?
Have you tried providing any natural remedies to cure the diseases?
How do you treat children and adults? What are various treatments in general?
Does the drug really work in curing diabetes permanently?
Have you ever had a case where any domestic animal had diabetes?
There is still many researches going on about medicine for diabetes and still have don't found a good one, what are your thoughts on this?
According to many Indian scientists it’s said that diabetes can be treated with natural resources, so do you think still people need to by costly medicines?
It is said that consuming coconut oil and lemons can treat diabetes, what are your thoughts?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sample Questionnaire for Instructional Materials

This questionnaire on instructional materials is going to address detailed information on choosing the right material of a course to present in a successful way. An instructional designer should be creative in creating the slides which are more efficient, effective and appealing.

Today the education sector is peaking tall, with most of the training happening online. Take for example udemy, the one site millions are accessing to get trained on various topics. The instructors may prepare a course and add in the site and also some provide online training live. So the presentations that are prepared should be really effective in helping the students.

Not just the online training, but the instructional materials are great important to people who are giving seminars and events. The main purpose of this questionnaire is to provide insights of what instructional materials are required and how to use the material to have a successful educational training academy. The instructional materials questionnaire is useful for both students and instructors. 

The Instructional materials should support in variety of ways, like you need to have presentations that contains videos, graphics, text and pictures.

The Instructional designer is one who should explain the students how to access the material and get most out of the courses. The Instructional designer should take feedback from the students about the material and evaluate on improving the material at the end of every course. 

Sample Questionnaire for Instructional Materials:

  1. Are the instructional materials matching the course objectives?
  2. Does the material present information in variety of ways?
  3. Is the material prepared for primary or college or university students? If so how clear is the material, are the students able to understand the presentations?
  4. Are the materials really useful to the students? Are they able to access the materials in a renowned manner?
  5. Is the video instructor voice audible?
  6. Does the online training instructor really help with the presentations?
  7. Do you have access to the videos after the training is finished?
  8. Do you follow others in the market to enhance the presentation skills?
  9. What are best video and presentation software used?
  10. How creative ideas are used to attract the students towards the presentations?
  11. What other online tools are used to display the presentations?
  12. Is the material prepared for elementary schools or colleges?
  13. Are you providing training on physical education, geometry, match or special education?
  14. How is the digital multimedia heping in providing interactive audio video visuals?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Questionnaire For Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes

Questionnaire for dark circles and puffy eyes adds in questions related dark circles and puffy eyes and how to maintain brighter eyes which are answered by experts and dark circles and puffy eyes victims and dermatologists, whose reaction helps eye care, manufactures to recognize the problems and results of their products and improve the existing and new and better eye care products.

Sample Questionnaire For Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes:

Fill your details:

Name: ________________
Gender: _______________
How old are you:  ________________
Area/ district you live: ______________


Do you have dark under eyes?
a)Yes b) no c) some times

What is your hemoglobin percentage?
a)Below 13 b) 13 c) above 13

How many hours a day you sleep?
Specify your answer: ________________

Did you apply any under eye creams to get rid of dark circles?
a) Yes b) no c) some times

What is the percentage or depth of darkness around your eyes?
Specify your answer: ________________

Which type of eyes you have
a)Dry b) wet c) normal d) any other___________

Did you try any eye exercises to get rid of dark under eyes?
a) Yes b) no c) sometimes   d) if yes which exercise __________

Did you consult any dermatologist for this dark circle, puffy eyes issue?
a)Yes b) no

Do you have a habit of rubbing your eyes?
a)Yes b) no c) sometimes

From how many days you are suffering from dark circle/ puffy eyes or both?
Specify your answer: ________________

Do you have a habit of eating a salty dinner?
a)Yes b) no c) sometimes  

Do you have sinus infection or cold, seasonal allergies?
a)Yes b) no c) sometimes  

Do you have a habit of sleeping on your stomach?
a)Yes b) no c) sometimes  

Do you have a habit of falling asleep with makeup?
a)Yes b) no c) sometimes  

Are you feeling tiered every day?
a)Yes b) no c) sometimes  

Do you have any genetic disorder regarding lack of sleep?
a)Yes b) no c) don’t know

Do you have blue or brown under eye circles?
Specify your answer____________

Do you have a habit of roaming in hot sun?
a)Yes b) no c) sometimes  

Do you have a habit of applying sunscreen lotion which protects your eyes?
a)Yes b) no c) sometimes  

Would you like to cover your dark circles with concealer?
a)Yes b) no c) sometimes  

Which concealer you use?
Specify your answer____________

What type of skin you have around your eyes?
a)Thin b) thick c) normal d) any other answer _____________

What all experiments you did to get rid of dark circles / puffy eyes?
Specify your answer____________

Friday, May 26, 2017

Nail Salon Questionnaire

A nail salon questionnaire is used to get feedback from the users in a spa or beauty salon, mostly in USA, UK, Canada and Australia women love to have beautiful nails. Gathered info of these individuals response aids nail product manufactures to release fashionable and stylish nail arts, nail polishes and other nail products.

Nail Salon Questionnaire:

Fill your details:

Name: ________________
Gender: _______________
How old are you:  ________________
Area/ district you live: ______________


1. Do you have long nails?
a) Yes b) no

2. How you will maintain your nails?
Specify your answer: ________________

3. Will you apply nail polish?
a) Yes b) no c) some times

4. How you will clean your nails?

              Specify your answer: ________________
5. How often you cut your nails?
               Specify your answer: ________________

6. Will you cut your nails every month?
              a) Yes b) no c) some times

7. Which brand nail polish you use?
   Specify your answer: _______________

8. The best nail polish brand according to you?
        Specify your answer: ________________

9. Do you like applying nail art on your nails?
                a) Yes b) no c) some times

10. Which brand nail arts you use more?
          Specify your answer: ________________

11. Will you shape your nails?
       a) Yes b) no c) some times

12. Will you visit salon for nail cleaning and styling?
               a) Yes b) no c) some times

13. How much you will spend on nails for every month?
            Specify your answer: ________________

14. What is the length of your nails?
              Specify your answer: ________________

15. Do you have a habit of biting your nails?
                 a) Yes b) no c) some times

16. What are your food habits? Which is making so healthy nails?
 Specify your answer: ________________

17. Will you take special care to maintain healthy nails?
                   a) Yes b) no c) some times

18. How many times a month you will change your nail polish?
a) 1 time b) 2 times c) 3 times d) un countable

19. Which nail product you use to remove your nails?
a) Nail remover b) spirit c) any other ___________

20. Which nail remover brand you use?
  Specify your answer: ________________

21. How many days a month you leave your nails free from applying nail polish?
Specify your answer: ________________

22. Will you change your nail polish regularly?
   a) Yes b) no c) some times

23. Will you apply any nail products creams to grow them fastly?
  a) Yes b) no c) some times

24. How many nail polishes and nail art colors you have?
Specify your answer: ________________

25. Which color nail polishes you apply?
a) Only dark  b) only light colors c) all d) dress matching colors

26. Mention the instrument you use to shape/ cut your nails?
a) Nail cutter b) shaper c) blade d) any other instrument ___________

Questionnaire For Acne Prone Skin

Questionnaire for acne prone skin includes all the questions related to acne which are answered by acne sufferers, whose response helps skin care manufactures to understand the problems and effects regarding acne to launch new and better acne products.

Questionnaire For Acne Prone Skin:

Fill your details:

Name: ________________
Gender: _______________
How old are you:  ________________
Area/ district you live: ______________


1. Which type of skin you have?
a) Normal b) dry c) oily d) any other ____________

2. Which type of pimple you have on your face?
a) oily b) dry c) any other ___________

3. Do you have acne on other parts of your body?
a) Yes b) no c) sometimes d) any other ______

4. What is the size of your acne?
a) Large b) small c) normal d) any other answer ____________

5. Do you have sebum secretion in your acne?
  a) Yes b) no c) sometimes d) any other ______

6. Are you using any medicines for other health problems?
a) Yes
b) no
c) sometimes
d) any other ______
e) if yes, please mention your tablets _________

7. Do you have any tensions?
a) Yes b) no c) sometimes d) any other ______

8. How many times a day you will clean your face?
a) One time b) 2 times c) 3 times d) more than 3 times

9. Are you using any medicines for acne?
a. Yes
b. no
c. sometimes
d. if yes, please mention your tablets _________

10. What acne face products you are using to clean your face?
Specify your answer: ___________________

11. Are you applying any acne creams on your face?
a) Yes b) no c) sometimes d) if yes which cream_________

12. How many hours a day you sleep?
Specify your answer: _____________

13. Do you have a habit of sleeping during day time?
a) Yes b) no c) some times

14. Do you have a habit of drinking more water?
a) Yes b) no c) some times

15. Do you have a habit of eating fruits daily?
a) Yes b) no c) some times

16. Did you have a habit of pinching your acne?
a) Yes b) no c) some times

17. Did you consult your doctor for this problem?
a) Yes b) no

18. Did dermatologist or any other beauty expert recommend you to use any acne care products?
 a) Yes b) no c) if yes which product ____________

19. Do you have spreading acne all over your skin
 a) Yes b) no c) some times

20. Do you have redness in your pimples?
 a) Yes b) no c) some times

21. Which pimples you have?
a) Red b) black c) any other _________

22. Do you have pain in your acne?
 a) Yes b) no c) some times

23. Did you take any facial treatments in any salon for acne?
 a) Yes b) no c) some times

24. From what age you are getting these pimples?

Specify your answer________ present age__________

25. Do you have any acne left sports?
 a) Yes b) no c) some times

Chocolates Questionnaire

There are wide varieties of chocolates available in the fair like dark, milk, white cocoa solids etc. every children is a fan of chocolate but many chocolate brands are releasing different flavors every year in order to fulfill the taste of children. Questionnaire on chocolates includes the response of people regarding children.

Chocolates Questionnaire Sample:

Fill your details:

Name: ________________

Gender: _______________
How old are you:  ________________
Profession: _______________
Income: ______________
Area/ district you live: ______________

Chocolates Questionnaire Queries:

Why you prefer eating chocolates?

1. Time pass
2. snacks
3. when hungry
4. for energy
5. any other __________________

Which brand chocolates you like to eat?

1. Dairy
2. snickers
3. cadbury
4. temptations
5. Any other _______________

Which brand chocolates you eat more?

1. Dairy
2. snickers
3. 5 star
4. temptations
5. Any other _______________

Which chocolates are best according to you?

1. Dairy
2. snickers
3. Cadbury
4. temptations
5. Any other _______________

How many times a day you eat chocolates?

e) once
f) twice
g) trice
h) more than 3 times

Who all from your family eat chocolates?

f) All
g) Father
h) Mother
i) Children
j) Any other ________________________

Which chocolate is your family favorite?

1. Dairy
2. snickers
3. Cadbury
4. Temptations
5. Kit Kat
6. nestles
7. Any other _______________

Which chocolates you prefer for your children?

1. Dairy
2. snickers
3. Cadbury
4. Temptations
5. Kit Kat
6. nestles
7. Any other _______________

What all nutritional facts you look for while purchasing chocolate?
j) energy
k) protein
l) fiber
m) carbohydrates
n) calcium
o) iron
p) trans fat
q) fat
r) any other ___________________

Which chocolate you like?
a) Choco chocolate b. Cream chocolate c. Bun chocolate

Where you will buy chocolate?

       a) Food courts
       b) Super markets
       c) Bakeries
       d) Any other _________________________

Which chocolate you prefer to give your children or anyone for breakfast?

1. Dairy fruit and nut
2. snickers
3. Cadbury strawberry
4. Temptations almond
5. Kit Kat
6. Nestles dairy crunch
7. Any other _______________

Which brand chocolate you eat?

1. Dairy
2. snickers
3. Cadbury
4. Temptations
5. Kit Kat
6. nestles
7. Any other _______________

Have you seen the manufacture of chocolates any time?
          a) Yes b) no

Do you have a habit of preparing chocolates at home?
          a) Yes b) no

Which type chocolates you like?

       a) Fruit b) crunchy c) nuts d) wafer d) creamy e) any other

According to you which flavor chocolate you like?

      a) Strawberry b) mango c) milky d) coconut e) any other _____________

According to you which cream chocolate brand you like?

1. Dairy
2. snickers
3. Cadbury
4. Temptations
5. nestles
6. Any other _______________

According to you which crunchy chocolate brand you like?

1. Dairy
2. munch
3. snickers
4. Temptations
5. Kit Kat
6. Perk
7. nestles
8. Any other _______________

According to you which fruit chocolate brand you like?

a) Temptations grape
b) Dairy milk fruit and nut
c) Maracuja passion fruit
d) Cherries, blur berries, orange of harvest sweets

According to you which nut chocolate brand you like?

a) Dairy milk fruit and nut
b) Temptations almond
c) Snickers
d) Cadbury double decker
e) Asher’s
f) Five star chomp
g) Any other____________

According to you which wafer chocolate brand you like?

1. Dairy
2. munch
3. snickers
4. Temptations
5. Kit Kat
6. Perk
7. nestles
8. Any other _______________

Bathing Soap Questionnaire

Everyone in the world use soap to cleanse their body but most of them don’t know which soap to use and now a days 100’s of bathing soap brands are available in the market to know which is best and willing of ones this questionnaire on bathing soap is organized.

Bathing soap questionnaire is a questionnaire for soap manufactures to know what users are looking for, the questionnaire varies from gender, location and age. As youth prefer to have freshness from a soap, aged people look to have a healthy soap, women mostly look to make there skin beautiful, so always the soap questionnaire is mixed with all these.

A soap manufactures first looks to advertise there new soap, he mentions if it is for women or men. But when the sales have dropped a short and simple questionnaire can fetch him enough answers to increase the sales and quality.  Below are few bathing soap questionnaires.

Bathing Soap Questionnaire:

Fill your details:

Name: ________________
Gender: _______________
How old are you:  ________________
Profession: _______________
Income: ______________
Area/ district you live: ______________

Bathing Soap Queries:

Which soap you prefer for bathing?

a) Chinthol
b) Axe
c) Santo or
d) Life boy
e) Lux
f) Dove
g) Dettol
h) Pears
i) Any other____________________

Why you use soap for bathing?

a) For cleaning
b) To keep your body fresh and fragranced
c) To prevent dryness/ oiliness
d) Any other ________________
e) All the above

Would you like to prefer different bathing soaps for face and body?

a) Yes b) no c) sometimes

Do you like to use anti biotic soaps?

a) Yes b) no c) sometimes

Which soap you use?

a) Chinthol
b) Axe
c) Santo or
d) Life boy
e) Lux
f) Dove
g) Dettol
h) Pears
i) Any other____________________

Are you satisfied with your bathing soap?

a) Yes b) no

Which is the best soap according to you?

a) Chinthol
b) Axe
c) Santo or
d) Life boy
e) Lux
f) Dove
g) Dettol
h) Pears
i) Any other____________________

How many times a day you bath with bathing soap?

a) Once b) twice c) trice d) more than 3 times

How you will feel after bathing with your bath soap?

a) Clean
b) Fresh
c) Active
d) Any other _______________

Do you bathing soap contain any fragrances?

a) Yes b) no

Does your overall family use same bathing soap?

a) Yes b) no c) some times

Where you will buy your bathing soaps?

a) Super Markets b) bazars c) online d) any other ___________

How many times a month you buy your bathing soaps?

a) Once b) twice c) thrice d) more than 3 times

How many bathing soaps you buy per month?

a) 1-3 b) 3-6 c) 6-8 d) 8 and more

How many days you use your one bathing soap?

a) 1-4 days b) 4-8 days c) 8-16 days d) 16- 30 days

Which brand soap is the best according to you?

a) Chinthol
b) Axe
c) Santo or
d) Life boy
e) Lux
f) Dove
g) Dettol
h) Pears
i) Any other____________________

Bike Buying Questionnaire Sample

Bike is once passion and others need, to know the features of bikes and demand of bikes in the market this questionnaire on bike is conducted to drag the response from manufacturers and users.

Bike Buying questionnaire is a simple survey taken by individuals looking to purchase a bike and don't know much about all the features. The questionnaire sample will help you know what all attributes to look in a bike before making a purchase.

Most of the youth are unaware why they are buying a bike, they just need it for style. One should know that any automobile is used to carry people from one place to another place quickly. Knowing the purpose of any thing is always a good questions to start with. Normally, Bikes have become costly these days.

Bike Buying Questionnaire Sample:

Fill your details:

Name: ________________
Gender: _______________
How old are you:  ________________
Profession: _______________
Income: ______________
Area/ district you live: ______________


1) What is the reason for purchasing a bike?

a) Need.
b) Fashion
c) Any other_______________________

2) Which bike do you like to purchase?

a) Royal Enfield.
b) Sports.
c) Avenger.
d) Other.

3) Which color do you like to purchase?

a) black
b) red
c) white
d) silver
e) blue

4) How much you afford on purchasing a bike?

a) 1000- 3000$
b) 3000- 8000$
c) 8000- 1500$
d) More than 1500$.

5) Do you prefer mileage while purchasing bikes?

a) yes
b) no

6) How much mileage do you expect?

a) 45 – 55 kmpl
b) 55- 60 kmpl
c) 60- 75 kmpl
d) less than 45 kmpl

7) How many gears do you expect while purchasing a bike?

a) 4
b) 5
c) greater than 5

8) How much C.C you expect?

a) 150 cc
b) 200cc
c) 350cc
d) other______________

9) Which brand do you prefer while purchasing a bike?

a) Honda
b) Bajaj
c) Harley Davidson
d) bmw
e) any other_____________

10) What all aspects you prefer while buying a bike?

a) mileage
b) speed
c) stylishness
d) any other___________

11) Which brand tire you love the most?

a) Honda
b) Bajaj
c) MRF
d) CFT
e) any other___________

12) According  to you , bike is a _________________

13) Do you like riding bike?

a) yes
b) no

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fear Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire For Behavior Pain

Fear avoidance beliefs questionnaire is to be prepared by physical therapists that provide physical cognitive mindfulness training to patients who experience negative pain that leads to behavior pain at work or home.  Patients with chronic pain will often avoid physical activities that may increase the pain, basic behavior of these patients is, they may get pain related fear in situation or movement, they try to avoid daily activates that may cause the pain.

The chronic pain in patients can be caused due to biological problems, social factors that are important in evaluating patience’s behavior and treating them with fear avoidance.

Example, if you have a severe muscle pain, then you might stop doing some activity that has caused the muscle pain, this will surely interfere with daily activates. This will create hyper vigilance, this is due to individuals focusing on particular bodily sensations, you are bond to experience the pain to greater degree.

Another good example of fear avoidance is: if your child has a hurt while playing, parents worry a lot and look for a good treatment that can reduce the hurt, they are concerned for days until the hurt is recovered. In this scenario both the child and parents are concentrating on the pain the hurt has caused. In this situation the pain increases as the child is over concentrating with emotions. The better way is to change the mindset, who do you do this, give a piece of candy to the child, he will forget about the pain. Take him to Zoo Park, something which helps the child from concentrating about the pain.

This same scenario employs to adults as well, if you have a chronic pain while doing an activity, you almost fear of it and keep concentrating for hours. This actually increases the pain.

Physical deconditioning, is a process where when a person stops using a muscle, it can lead to several other issues, as the muscles surrounding the joints can become useless. This leads to stress as you are afraid to use the muscle.

Fear avoidance belief is closely related to depression, increase pain, physical disability and long term sickness.

Fear Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire For Behavior Pain:

Do you receive back pain at work?

How to check for avoidance behavior?

Do you have issues with neck disability index?

Do you know about approach behavior?

Have you ever felt the pain will come back?

How do you adopt towards the pain caused?

If you experience an injury, how long do you receive the pain?

For how many hours do you think of the pain?

Do you have fear of pain while doing exercise?

When you receive the pain do you feel something dangerous is happening in the body?

Do you feel depressed or stressed when you receive the pain once again?

Do you stop doing all daily activities to reduce the pain?

When in pain do you think of anything else?

What do you try to do when you see the pain hitting hard?

When you stop all activities, do you see the pain calming down?

Do you feel a pain attach when you receive pain?

Do you feel like avoiding others when you receive the pain?

Have you consultant any physician about the pain? If so how was the end result?

Do you think of the pain even after the physician has suggested it’s not going to harm you?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Questionnaire For A Cupcake Business

Questionnaire For A Cupcake Business:Starting a cupcake business could be lucrative business intention, in countries like USA and UK the bakery industry is has achieved a healthy growth.

The cupcake business can't be a cakewalk; a business person should take in several aspects before making an investment in this business. Concisely, the cakes creation should look great and feel great. A successful business in cupcakes can be erratic working hours but in the end if you have the desire and passion you will have more clients.

The profession of a cupcake chef seemingly looks smooth and stylish. Starting a cupcake business does require hard work, patience and creativity. A successful cupcake business is not only about creativity, but also you need to have precision. Make sure that each cake is prepared with aesthetic appeal. When you see the satisfaction and bliss of the customer, it means to show that success. A creative person in preparing a cupcake just can't be innovative, but he should also have knowledge of the ingredients for cupcake business.

Questionnaire For A Cupcake Business

  1. Do you know about the food safety?
  2. Do you have basic knowledge and sense of designing cupcakes?
  3. How good are you creating visually appealing cupcakes?
  4. What kind of networks do you follow to know the market trends in cupcake business?
  5. Do you think you have selected the right location?
  6. Are you aware of price cuts and mass marketing?
  7. How do you see the future of cupcake business in your location?
  8. Do you know the needs of local customers?
  9. Do you know what "building a loyal customer base is"?
  10. What are the major cupcake products you look to launch?
  11. What makes your business unique from others in the market?
  12. Are you trying to introduce any new products?
  13. How do you ensure the quality of your cakes?
  14. What are marketing strategies followed to develop and reach your targeted customers?
  15. How do you deal in preparing cakes for special occasions like birthday parties, birthday parties, wedding, Halloween, Valentine ’s Day and many more?
  16. Do you exactly the number of order you make to get the profit?
  17. What is the Equipment’s needed to start a cupcake business?
  18. Do you know where and how to insure a cupcake business?
  19. Have you prepared an effective business plan?
  20. Are you planning for the cupcake business at home or own a shop?

Questionnaire for a Business Owner

The questionnaire is for business owners, either a beginner or experience person in business needs to know things what makes to be a  successful person with entrepreneurial spirit. A business is same for small or large, the strategies followed are same to gain profits, but as a owner you should be very responsible to know how to cope with changes in different sections and handling situations that could gain you profits.

According to my experience business are started if the person is not interested in perusing a job, a person thinks to start a business with the skills he has, like say you are good at technology, you try to start a gadgets business. But, i have also seen people planning a partnership in business, which is a bad idea. It can only be done in large firms, where every thing is organized and agreements are made. In small business most of the time the partnerships never lost long. 

Today the online business has been towering to peaks, you can see the number of online business and shopping sites. The competition is very high and people are investing a lot to rank on top. As a business person you should be updated with all new stuff going on in market. With out updating the business goals you can't reach out to be the best. Competitors are always around you to push down. 

For example you start a stationary shop, here you need to purchase all the good from a distributes, and also keep updating yourself on what new products have arrived and are these products really been purchased. Have deals with various offices, schools, colleges, universities to get great orders every year. You need to target locally if you have a physical business. The promotional activities should be marketed very well for local business.

If you are targeting global business, then you need to have online website with great promotional activities. One needs to take care of investments made in online business. Have few people working online for promotional activities. Below are few questions a business owner should know before starting a business.

Questionnaire for a Business Owner:

  1. Why have you stepped in business field?
  2. Are you taking over the business of your parents?
  3. Do you have experience in running the business?
  4. Are you looking to start a new business?
  5. If so how good are you at the new business?
  6. Have you ever though about the business location and its importance?
  7. Are you planning for online eCommerce business?
  8. If so, which products? A single niche or multiple niche website?
  9. Do you know how to handle the workers?
  10. Are you aware of the competition in your business?
  11. How much do you think you can invest for the business?
  12. Do you know about the profits you can make on daily and weekly basis?
  13. Are you targeting local or global business?
  14. How do you make marketing strategies?
  15. What are you cash flow strategies?
  16. If there is sudden problem in business, how do you go a head?
  17. Have you started the business getting a loan from the banks?
  18. Do you look for quality products?
  19. Do you take feedback from customers about the products and services?
  20. How do you hire new employees?
  21. Do you sell seasonal products?
  22. Is the business running under partnership? Have made effective partnerships agreements?
  23. How good are your sales persons? 
  24. How many clients do you have? How trustworthy are the clients?
  25. How do increase the clients list every month?
  26. How do you handle failures in business? 
  27. If you are in losses, how do you handle the situation?
  28. How are the billing records maintained? Do you use normal paper files or online billing?
  29. Do you know about the business registrations and tax payments?
  30. Do you know what you are paying for, the rent, products, employees, power bills, maintenance, taxes etc?
  31. How do you prepare the business plans?
  32. What strategies you use to check practical business issues?

Content Writer Questionnaire Sample

Content writer questionnaire is specific to individuals who have skills in developing content for a website, blog, social media or publication company. 

A content writer questionnaire is a way for beginner to know exactly, how he can become a content writer, what pre-requisites he needs to have, what rules to follow, how content should be developed for various domains.  All the questions provided below are will given you a better idea on become the best content writer.

So, what exactly is content writing? It's a way people are earning a lot these day's. They write content for new papers, magazines, websites, social media and publications. They get paid to write the content, it could be for the number of words. 

All the content writer needs to have is he should look to build a unique content that should be understood by end users. SEO based content writing is a way where one needs to writer content using keywords people are searching online. 

If you want to become a content writer, you need to know on which field you are comfortable, say you are very good at writing health articles, If you have are a finance student and good in writing articles finance, insurance and economic articles. First, know your skills. 

Content writer should have to skills to read articles online and then write it in his own way. Today there are freelance websites where you will be paid online to write for others. Let us see what questions can make you the best content writer.

Content Writer Questionnaire Sample:

  1. Why do you want to become a content writer?
  2. Do you have any experience in writing content?
  3. Which kind of niches you have written content for?
  4. Where you good at assignment writing in schools and colleges?
  5. What topic gives you satisfaction?
  6. If you are given a content for new niche, how do you go a head and writing?
  7. What are your searching skills?
  8. Do you have idea about SEO based content writing?
  9. How good are you at vocabulary and grammar?
  10. What are your skills in sentence formation?
  11. Do you exactly what a end users in looking for in the content?
  12. Do you know about ON page content?
  13. How much can you charge for your content?
  14. Have you planned to start content writing company?
  15. Do you know what tools a content writer uses?
  16. Have you every done copy and ghost writing?
  17. How long you take to writer a thousand article?
  18. Do you write content for your own blog?
  19. Have you every written for eCommerce websites?
  20. What is the difference between technical and blog writing?
  21. How do you check your content for copyscape?
  22. Do you have habit for reading books, if so did you take a look at how the author looks to keep the interest?
  23. How fast can you type? Know your typing skills?
  24. How do you prepare the best headlines?
  25. Why do you think the Title of a given topic is very important?
  26. Do you know the difference of writing articles for newspapers and websites?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Inventory Management Questionnaire Sample

An inventory management questionnaire is also called internal control questionnaire which managers require to specify the items and good to be stocked according to company policy to guarantee proper accounting.

Inventory Management is a balancing act for stock care and engineering managements. Stock manager has to be a top priority, particularly as we move into stricter financial controls in the services industry, Just like head count and other capital expenses, inventory always has a bulls eye on it because of the money involved". 

An inventory manager who carves $20, 000 out of $100, 000 in stock could be a hero for the business, evaluation is essential to reducing stock that's in the warehouse. A nicely stocked shop has everything needed to get machines ready to go, lower the cost of care and ensure a top quality business, he adds, noting that does not absolutely mean that one of everything it is on the ledge. 

Inventory Management supervisors who can show how keeping indispensable items in stock really can reduce expenses by stabilizing operating efficiencies are more successful in getting a well-stocked and well-organized warehouse. By working together to identify detailed stock needs, the care and financial sections can improve both facility operation as well as the organization's bottom line. Ask the questions: What components do you need, and for what reason? ". 

Those elements needed to keep equipment like chillers and boilers operational. Four new conference sessions are added to the Care Solutions Expo schedule. These workshops address important issues in the care management market, and like all MS Expo conventions, they're free to attend. 

The landscape presents a extensive investment, provides that special first impression and is among the only surfaces of a facility that may Grow in value. This demonstration is for the comforts professional who would like to increase and protect that investment. Specific landscape operational processes that may preserve money and promote healthful growth of your landscape investment tend to be the main focus of this demonstration on how we bring into line our procedures with our strategic goals.

Sample Questionnaire for Inventory Management:

How good are you at controlling the financial needs of the organization?
What strategies do you follow to reduce the stock in warehouse?
How do you evaluate the important stock required for particular months of the year?
Does the company provide best policies and procedures with organized communication?
How do you manage the internal control, are the company policies supportive?
How to you protect the good in stock? What procedures do you follow?
What kind of goods is safeguarded? How do you evaluate the number of days the types of goods will stay?
What kind of buildings is preferred for certain goods?
How are the goods monitored?
Do you maintain the daily records of the goods in stock and out of stock?
How do you manage the labors?
Do you foresee the client’s needs?
Which other departments work in association with inventory department?
What kind of inventory software tools do you use?
What do you do with the dead stock?
How do you segregate the new stock?
What is your idea on rational business evaluation?
How does the sales persons interactive? How do you send the new stock?
How do you maintain the minimum and maximum stock levels?
Do you check the quality of new products coming to the warehouse?